Triple Your Reading Speed, Improve Comprehension & Add Hours to Your Day!

2 Time Guinness Record Holder Dave Farrow will show you how.














What good is speed reading if you don’t remember what you read?

If you’re:

•Studying for an exam?
•You want to know more about your industry, get the edge on competition.
•You just want to keep up on all the information that is coming at you all the time

There’s no point in so-called speed reading if you don’t remember it so don’t buy into any program that talks about speed reading unless they’re talking about recalling what you read.  Now I take a lot of pride in the whole memory training aspect of this, that’s why I’ve incorporated a whole Reading Recall Program in my speed reading package


I’m Dave Farrow 2X Guinness World Record Holder for memory.  I memorized 59 decks of cards all shuffled together and Google has 1000’s of references in terms of speed reading.(cut this out)  I’ve worked with Sony Corp. when they were scouring the world for the foremost expert in speed reading that was really offering real speed reading techniques.  They hired me to be their speed reading spokesperson.  You can go check it out on YouTube, it’s called Reader Revolution.  For a whole month I sat in a window in Manhattan on 5th Ave. and I sped read on their reader.  The most interesting thing is, I read about 103 books, that’s the average reading for most people in 10 years!  I did that in 1 month.  If you want to maximize your reading and get all the benefits of that, look no further.  Benefits include:  
  • All the extra free time
  • The mastering of study skills
  • Super human abilities to learn. 

Then you need to pick up the Instant Speed Reading Program. 

Not subconscious reading, photo reading, or not skimming, Real retention while reading much faster. It is true speed reading, with the same and often better recall than you have right now.  So let me give you a little analogy as to how real speed reading works. 

Speed Reading Analogy:

Have you ever seen a baseball player before they go up to the plate?  They pick up 3 or 4 bats and they start swinging them.  Once they get up to the plate they just grab one of those bats and swing to hit the ball.  Have you ever seen that?  Why are they doing that?  Are they just exercising?  It’s actually a mental trick that was discovered a long time ago.  When they swing at least 3 or 4 bats they are telling their brain that they have to swing 30 or 40 pounds to hit the ball.  And then when they pick up just that one bat, that’s what their brain is thinking, that they still have to swing that 30 pounds, when the 1 bat they are carrying is only about 2.5 pounds at the most.  So when they actually hit the ball, the ball goes farther, every single time.  Your mind controls your body, people, and when it comes to speed reading there is actually a bunch of reading hang-ups that people can get into constantly. 

Let me really tell you why most people can double their reading speed and why we can do it in about an hour when most programs out there, it will take you several months to do this.  I’ve taken several principles of the brain, and understand the latest science of brain research, to really kind of dwindle it all down for you to a very simple, easy to use system that shocks the brain into reading a lot faster, in fact comfortably reading faster.  After you go through this program, you’ll find you’re naturally going to be reading faster without any more effort.  It’s almost effortless, once you take these exercise that I have for you.   

Price: I have been paid up to $5000 by corporations and schools and universities to do these trainings for several of their staff members and their students.  And an individual ticket for one of my live seminars, when I was doing these live seminars on speed reading, an individual ticket would be around the $399 price range.   

Regular Price: $197  Today’s special price only: $75.00

Dave’s Personal No Risk Guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with your new found double or triple reading speed with the same or better comprehension, you can return the speed-reading program after trying it for a full 30 days from the day you receive it in the mail for a full refund. I will pay for your shipping cost so you have nothing to lose. 
Memory Technique:  Hey, wait a second – what’s my name?  Do you remember the hat?  That’s just one little example of a memory technique, and I’m sneaking these in here!  If you had fun now, just imagine what’s in the Instant Speed Reading Program.  Thank You.

P.S.  If you are ready to stop struggling with slow reading and poor comprehension then simply click this button, fill in your order and we will rush a copy of this revolutionary speed reading program to you.  The fact is, I am offering an amazing deal but supplies are limited.  We only keep 25 copies in stock at any given time.  If they sell out you have to wait until the next batch is printed.  So don’t wait, I have taken all the risk away. Click this button now.

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